Podcast Recs: TANIS

Because storytelling is storytelling, no matter what form it takes.  There are some truly astounding podcasts out there for whatever you seem to be interested in. One of my favorites is TANIS, produced by the Pacific Radio Alliance and hosted by Nic Silver.  They have other amazing podcasts, but TANIS has a special place in my heart.

Tanis Logo (taken from Tanis Podcast website)



This podcast blends real life facts and fictional mythologies to give us a genuinely intriguing mystery.  Currently on season three, you’ll easily get swept away by Nic’s narrative as he tries to untangle the mysteries surrounding this maybe mythical, maybe not, place called TANIS.    You’ll meet some really amazing secondary characters and the web of Tanis will slowly but surely suck you in.   Like the website says, “Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information.”   What happens when the lines between reality and fiction start to blur together and you’re left wondering which side of the line you’re actually on.

Runners Wanted Poster ( taken from Tanis podcast website)

If you are anything like me, at some point, the words “NIC SILVER NO.  DO NOT DO THAT THING” will come out of your mouth at the phone/IThing/computer because there are several of those moments where you get involved in the lives and the shenanigans and you will possibly wonder if maybe, just maybe you are going to hear someone actually die over the radio. 

Anyways, if you enjoy things that are weird, things that are mysterious, the Cthulhu mythos, Jack Parsons, or random disappearances into strange forests, give this podcast a try.

Because after all.  There are wondrous things.  There are magical things. There are dangerous things.  We get what we deserve.

Runners Wanted.

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